Chun Yui (Nicholas) Wong


PhD Candidate in Computational Design, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
Email: cyw(4*7) @ (Evaluate the expression inside and remove the parentheses)
Supervisors: Dr. Pranay Seshadri, Dr. Geoff Parks
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Research interests

In a world where data is more valuable than oil, how can we use data to mitigate uncertainty when modelling complex physical systems? In my research, I tackle the problem of approximating high-dimensional models with many input parameters. Through methods such as model-centric dimension reduction and polynomial chaos expansions, I investigate the application and synthesis of novel algorithms for turbomachinery design and manufacture. We envision a day where systems as complex as an entire jet engine can be designed and monitored in real time with a digital twin, powered not only by engineering knowledge but also constant learning through a data stream through a network of sensors.

Publications and Pre-prints

Below are the projects I have been working on in my research. (For more projects in collaboration please visit my Google Scholar)

Software Development Work

I am a software developer at Effective Quadratures, an open-source Python package for rapid computational studies including machine learning, uncertainty quantification and dimension reduction (among many other features). I specialise in sparse regression, compressed sensing and dimension reduction. Visit our Discourse forum to learn more!

Teaching @ Cambridge Engineering

Other Interests